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99th 5 star review for the B&B on Trip Advisor

My lovely guests Nicky and Jasmine sent in my 99th 5 star review for the B&B via Trip Advisor “one night in Paris”.   Due to the number of 5* reviews that I have now received theirs pushed me into 10th position in the ranking out of +/- 6000 other apartments in Paris. Thank you N & J. Read the reviews here …

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3rd May 2015

Everything has been washed clean after a quick lunchtime downpour this morning, 3rd May 2015.

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My view from the balcony

Blooming so quickly the ivy has opened at the top of last year’s finishing position. Will my view from the balcony of the green wall-covering get past the beautiful arch to the top of the 5th floor apartments by the end of this year ?  

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A new beginning

A new beginning at 52 Clichy. The ivy on the far wall taken with a very long lens.

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The rising sun this morning

My view of the rising sun from the balcony on the morning of 6th March 2015.

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