Map legend : Blue : Interesting places, Orangey Red : great local restaurants, Green : local shops and services, Dark Red : Transport options.

If you want to live like a local in Paris then start your day, if you are not having breakfast with me, by popping to the corner bakery for your fresh breads and pastries at the amazing Landamaine bakery.  Eat there and have your first ‘real’ expresso of the morning.

For anything else you may need to fill your stomachs you will find most in our well-stocked supermarket, Diagonal, open 7 days a week until 9pm.   You don’t even have to cross the road in order choose from a large selection of French, French or French wines at Repaire de Bacchus and on Saturday mornings borrow my Rolser shopping trolley to carry your purchases back from the Batignolles organic market (Place de Clichy then turn left).

There a several banks and a dry-cleaners, a cobbler who polishes your shoes before handing them back all opposite whilst on the even side of rue de Clichy there seems to be more cafés, restaurants and bars to choose from.

If your small children have more energy than you then take them to the children’s playground (2nd right), 5 minutes away on the way to the Moulin Rouge / Montmartre.

Other than the dozens of restaurants and cool bars on Place de Clichy, one of only 10 pharmacies in Paris that are open 24/7 is there too a stone’s throw from the post office.